How Air Conditioning Works

A home comfort system is the largest appliance most people have in their home.
Being familiar with how air conditioning works¬†could increase your system’s longevity
and prevent unnecessary maintenance issues and health problems.

Your AC Needs are Based Upon:

Square Footage

Your home’s size determines the amount of air (BTUs) which need to be circulated for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


Obviously, homes in a desert climate use ACs more often than beachfront homes. Likewise, heaters will be used more in colder places.


Price is determined by the type of home comfort system you use. More efficient units cost more upfront, but drastically reduce your energy costs.

Types of Air Conditioner Products

AC Units

Draw heated air out of a home and push it outdoors, while replacing it with chilled air.

Packaged Units

Contain most of the components of an HVAC system, and are typically installed outdoors for commercial uses.


Are the perfect investment when space is limited and the system needs to be as quiet as possible.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can either heat or cool air in a controlled space using two parts: an indoor air handler, and the outdoor heat pump.